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Takumi Takakura

Maker of Bowed strings Instruments, Teacher (Japan)

I studied violin making under prominent Italian violin makers, most notably, M° Renato Scrollavezza in Parma. They made it possible for me to start my research on Baroque violins and the authentic method of building early music instruments from my very first year in Italy.
Now, with 20 years of experience in violin making, repair and teaching, I embraced the challenge of the construction of Violoncello da Spalla as well as the revival of the harmonical proportion design of musical instruments, with the help of my friend M° Dmitry Badiarov.
I met Daniela through Dmitry’s program, and I was thrilled realizing that I had already benefited from her articles on gut strings for many years. It could not be possible to make my first violoncello da spalla without her help, and I really appreciate her advice which comes from her own broad experience and knowledge.

Daniela’s annual support program is something that I recommend for those who seek to deepen their knowledge about gut strings, because it is certainly not possible to learn everything about this subject just in a few days. I can assure you that her support will equip you with enough knowledge to give you more chances to help musicians in your region.

Kenji Yagi

Parchment Expert (Japan)

Specialized in parchment making using raw sheep skins sent from a farm. I also import parchment from around the world to sell online for artists, educational institutions, museums, musical instrument workshops, and for “witches and wizards” (seriously, they say a lucky charm written on parchment has spiritual power).

Made research on the characteristics of medieval manuscript parchment in the British Library and held numerous lectures and workshops in Japan, Turkey, and Thailand on various parchment related topics.

My interest and admiration of parchment rosettes on Baroque guitar led me further “into” the body of sheep, and found the art of gut string making. Parchment making and gut string making have much in common. Mesmerized to find that oozy, creepy, slippery intestines turn into something that produces heavenly harmony with a little “twist”.

Glad to receive expert instructions from Daniela, and to be connected with all of you.

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