You know how important is for your talent

to shine through a correct stringing

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Designer, Musician,

Online Enterpreneur

Don't get stuck with the wrong string.

Know which string suits you best,

instead of settling on a random string.

Maybe the problem it's not your instrument, and it's not YOU...

If the strings you are using are not the best for your instrument, for your playing, for your repertoire, you may incur in wasting your practising time trying to achieve something your strings cannot give you, you consume energies, you could even lose jobs and easily feel frustrated...


You may also start to save money to buy a more expensive instrument sacrificing, for example, your vacation time. 

...and this leads to even bigger frustrations!


INSTEAD... what if it was just the wrong string? what if you could just change your strings and win the sound you dreamed about, the response you want from your instrument? This is the skill you can achieve by this membership.




You will forget frustrations, you will be confident in your instrument, gain more interesting jobs (...and travel for free 😀).

No Frustrations, More Vacations!!




...and if you are a maker: how about delivering your creations with the perfect strings on, so you will not get complaints about "that scratchy D, that lack of power in the A, that tiny e"... The value of a customer falling in love at the first touch is well worth acquiring this knowledge!


...not to mention the damage of a frustrated customer telling around how your violin doesn't sound easy on the D...

To avoid this is a priority!!


...and it's just a piece of knowledge away, just one more thing to know about violin making, that can dramatically change the perception your customers have of your instruments!, even for you: No Frustrations, More Vacations!


...a Membership? What's this?

What's this membership about?

​It's a friendly place where to search for informations, meet other passionate and curious people, gut strings enthusiasts.

A place where we can share our experiences and grow together upon them.

I am collecting there all of my videos so to have them well organized by topic and easy to search and find.


We will also have the possibility to meet on webinar to get properly in touch and discuss our interests or problems about gut strings.

A space to share comments and to ask for suggestions. 


A place to dispel our doubts

(or to find some more!!),

so we can add more color to our music.


Why asking for a fee?

Sharing my experience is exciting and also committing: it's time consuming of course, and passions and energies are involved.

It's great but I also need something to live from! 

How do the payments work?

If you'll be willing to support me, you can subscribe and confirm an authomatic payment programme.

You will have a 7 days guarantee on each payment and of course you can unsubscribe at any moment.


Ok but how much?

I was waiting for this question:

I have prepared a price list for you, but I would like you to focus on how much money it will let you save

by buiyng the correct strings at first attempt, and how your playing will istantly jump at an higher level, for two very important reasons:

1. your instrument will be happy wearing nice and correct strings

2. you will be happy because it will be easyer to play

That being said, the pricing is below


I am really looking forward welcoming you inside!

Thank you so much for your strings tips. I am amazed at how easy it was to change a gut string on a viol!! I used three of your videos and I did it! You give out so much fantastic informations for free. Thanks to you, we will have much better educated musicians, and in the end it's the music that profits. Thank you.

Kate Walpole

Freelance Baroque Bassoonist, Teacher at UWA and WAAPA, Amateur cellist

Perth, Australia

The passionate interest of Daniela Gaidano for the world of authentic stringing, and her study and investigations in that field, have impressed me since the time I met her. It is important for today's musicians using period instruments, to be well informed about the different historic possibilities and best solutions for the instrument they use - I do not hesitate to recommend Daniela's knowledge and help to anyone who wants serious basis to refer to.

Sigiswald Kuijken

Artistic Director of La Petite Bande

Honorary Professor at The Hague and Brussels Royal Conservatories

The Netherlands

There is so much to learn about Natural Gut String's, Daniela is a Fountain of knowledge re Gut String's any problem Daniela will help, she has helped me at Veritas with dramatic results.


(facebook post)

Michael Burnham

Violin Maker

Veritas Baroque Violin

United Kingdom

Levels and pricing:

Gut and practical

it's free and lasts forever

String Tips and Curiosities

Just subscribe

Thank you Coffee

for affectionates:

just offer me a coffee

now and then to thank me 

for my efforts

All my videos well organized and easy to find It's more than 100!!

Comments below posts, Questions and answers

€ 2.95


Gut Strings Guru

for enthusiasts

All of the above plus

Monthly Q&A Webinars plus Webinars Archive

Full video of my Tokyo lecture (Japanese, Italian, English) 7 hours of video

Blocked Price

The price will raise as more people comes in, because this projects requires to me a high commitment, but you will not pay more 

€ 186


Many thanks for the cooperation!


(autograph dedication on the book "The Rebirth of the Baroque Violin", 2011)

Fred J. Lindeman

Violin Maker, Amsterdam

The Nederlands

Avec un très bon souvenir et toute ma reconnaissance pour l'envoi de la publication de vos trauvant


(accompaniment card in a box of wine bottles, referred to "Splendore e decadenza dell'arte cordaia italiana")

Bernard Maillot

Président Savarez

Dear Daniela, thank you so much for your help with my gut string problem. Here are a few of my recordings which I thought you might find interesting. I hope to meet you in person some day.


(letter in a package of CDs)

Aisslinn Nosky

Violinist, Conductor


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