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Manifattura odierna della corda in budello: come sceglierla e riconoscerne la qualità

articolo comparso sulla rivista "Orfeo", Aprile 2004. 

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Tables on Evolution of strings

in the Violin Family

3 simple charts to check which strings were in use (and in which position) at the time of ...

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Tables on the Evolution of Strings

in the Violin Family

Have you already downloaded the Tables pdf? had a look?

If you have any question about them this book will probably answer them, narrating the history of strings from a precise point of view: string by string. 

Not just "when were the wound strings invented?" but, more important "in which position were they used?" or, better "when was the wound violin A invented? Why they couldn't make it before?"

Splendore e decadenza

dell'arte cordaia italiana

(only italian)

Interviste con gli ultimi cordai originari di Salle, paese abruzzese di antichissima tradizione cordaia. Confronto e corrispondenze fra le tecniche di lavorazione descritte e alcune fonti dei sec. 17°-19°. Evoluzione delle montature per strumenti ad arco dopo il 1700, con particolare attenzione al trentennio 1920-50, tramite l'epistolario del cordaio Roberto Salerni.

Live Video Recording Tokyo Lecture

11th July 2018 - 7 hours of video

Italian, Japanese, English

Complete Live Recording of my lecture in Tokyo, Academy Shimamura, on the 11th of July 2018. The Lecture was held in Italian and translated in Japanese by my kind host Takumi Takakura.

Together with this 4.1/2 hours of video you get also other 2.1/2 hours of Zoom recording in which I go through all of my slide commenting them in English. 

This product consists in 8 digital files to download.





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