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Maybe the problem it's not your instrument, and it's not YOU...


Yo maybe a wounderflly talented musician, but if the strings you are using are not the best for your instrument, for your playing, for your repertoire, you may incur in wasting your practising time trying to achieve something your strings cannot give you, and you consume energies, you could even lose jobs and easily feel frustrated...


You may also start to save money to buy a more expensive instrument sacrificing, for example, your vacation time. 


...and this leads to even bigger frustrations!


INSTEAD... what if it was just the wrong string? what if you could just change your strings and win the sound you dreamed about, the response you want from your instrument? You will forget frustrations, you will be confident in your instrument, gain more interesting jobs (...and travel for free 😀).


A counsult will cost you probably less than a new set of strings, nothing compared to what will save you in therms of money, time and frustrations!!





...a one-on-one online consult avoids you travel costs and has the major advantage that we go through the steps of fixing the problem together, so you get a new skill, not just a therapy note!!





...are you maybe in charge for a historically informed group


Consider hiring an expert to ask for the better sets for the repertoire you are practising, and to discuss with if someone in the group faces a problem with his set up. This would certainly make your work more smooth and fulfilling, and on top, you could also benefit leverage by advertising it in your material.



...and if you are an instrument maker: how about delivering your creations with the perfect strings on, so you will not get complaints about "that scratchy D, that lack of power in the A, that tiny e"...


The value of a customer falling in love at the first touch is well worth acquiring this knowledge! ...not to mention the damage of a frustrated customer telling around how your violin doesn't sound easy on the D...


To avoid this is a priority!! ...and it's just a piece of knowledge away, just one more thing to know about violin making, that can dramatically change the perception your customers have of your instruments!



This consult service is also available for amateur string makers in searc of suggestions: I'd love working with you so that your efforts will be fulfilling!!

Don't allow a tiny inexpensive string to spoil your work.

Consider taking a consult and solving the problem!

You know how important is for your talent

to shine through a correct stringing

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Designer, Musician,

Online Enterpreneur


book dedicate sessions and lever up your project

1h Consult

Got a string problem that bothers you?


Instead of spending money randomly trying different set ups, take a precise direction. You will save not only money but also time, avoiding the risk of losing jobs for inconsistance quality.


You can directly book your consult session in the calendar (I am available every Tuesday from 9 am to 11 pm european time) or write me for a different solution.


You will get:


  • 1h Zoom session

    by video it's easier to show me your problems and expressing your doubts

  • recording

    you get the video recording of the sessions for your future referral

  • one month of Membership (coffee level) 

    so you can get more informations and more ideas

  • follow up 

    by being invited to a Q&A webinar with the Gut Strings Gurus, so you can share your experience, ask more, and meet the community

  € 68    

Premium Project

Need assistance for a big project?


You are writing an article or your final degree essay and you would like someone to discuss your ideas with, or some more ideas?


You are asked for a lecture on strings and you want to check your material?


You are making your first gut strung instrument and you want to know what you can achieve with strings to avoid wasting efforts in the wrong direction?


You are looking for a consult for your entire group or orchestra, so to have consistance stringing (and sound) throughout the group? I can suggest strings and follow up!


  • up to 6 Zoom sessions booked at your convenience

    I am available every tuesday but we can also agre on a different convenient day by email

  • Recordings

    every session is recorded and you will get a link to download it

  • resources

    I will share with you all my sources related to your work so that you have everything you need to be successfull with your project.

  • membership

    the Thank You Coffee level of the membership is included so you can have at ease all of my 100+ posts and videos

  € 368.50  

Got a different project, maybe just a tiny one? Write me for a quotation at

1 Year Open Consulting

Want to be free to ask me everything you need without limitation of time? 


Would you like to show my logo on your website as a guarantee to your customers, and be featured in this page?


You are a maker and you would like assistance on any issue should come up with your gut strung instruments?


You simply want enthusiastic customers, surprising them by solving easily and inexpensively their sound problems?


Would you like to leverage your group with the guarantee of historically informed and correct stringing ?


...or maybe you are an amateur stringmaker and you would like to share your doubts and obtain a better quality?

  • up to 10 Zoom sessions booked at your convenience

    I am available every tuesday but we can also agre on a different convenient day by email

  • Recordings

    every session is recorded and you will get a link to download it

  • e-mail follow up or shared document

    depending on the kind of project, something could be more effectively achieved by video, something else by email and of course both ways are available. Also collaborating on a Google document is an option.

  • Gut Strings Guru membership

    the upper level of the membership is included so you can have at ease all of my 100+ posts and videos

  • Monthly Questions & Answers Webinars

    where you get detailed and researched answers to your doubts

  • Whatsapp group

    for Emergency Help and to schedule our meetings so that they are convenient for all the participants

  • Archive of the past Q&A webinar sessions

    You can get so much from the other members' questions: when someone asks a question you didn't even had in mind it's an instant leverage to your education!

  • Complete video of my Tokyo lecture

    It's 7 hours of videos on demand on: history of gut strings in Europe, historical manufacturng process, impact of the strings in instruments design. It's in Italian, Japanese and English and I sell it for €100 

  • Leverage exposure by links to your work and use of my logo on your material

    Be featured in the page Gut Strings Expert Around the World in this website: you will have space to describe your work and links to your web and social media.

    I will also be happy to send to my complete list up to 2 emails per year with a presentation of your work and your updates.

  € 500    

I'm happy to offer also

Lectures and Live Workshops 

write me a mail at to discuss your wishes and get a quotation

It was a wonderful opportunity to have Daniela over here in Tokyo lecturing us. I was impressed by her lecture that was so meticulously prepared backed by her deep knowledge, rich experiences and most of all, her passion for this craft.

Daniela’s first-hand knowledge in manufacturing fields as well as her extensive research experiences created a persuasive ensemble of technical data, stories and practical tips that lifted me steps higher in just a few hours.

She is also a one-of-a-kind lecturer who goes extra miles to reach out to the audience to invite as many questions as possible to make sure everyone goes out of the room with clear minds, fully satisfied. Being a novice gut-string maker myself, I handed Daniela my home-made gut string and she gave me loads of useful insights beyond my expectation. With her trained eyes, just one piece of string will become a treasure chest of knowledge.

Thank you Daniela, I can’t wait to have you back here in Asia.

Kenji Yagi

Parchment expert, lecturer and maker

amateur String Maker

Tokyo, Japan

I have studied an article about the manufacturer of gut strings many years ago. Then I met Daniela in an online mastermind group about bowed instrument making and I realized that her knowledge about gut string is profound and her experiences are so rare and also essentially for all of us who love the bowed instruments. But still I didn't realize that she was the author of that beautiful article until she sent me her CV for preparing a workshop on Gut String.

After we conducted 2018 Tokyo Gut String Workshop together, I'm convinced that working with Daniela is essential not only for musicians and luthiers who long to find a relevant historical performance but also for everybody who need a more colorful performance on steel and synthetic strings because studying with Daniela could lead us to a much profund understanding about the great artist in the past and thus change our attitude.

Takumi Takakura

Violin Maker

Director at Takumi Violin Making School,  Hannou city (Saitama prefecture), 

formerly Teacher at Shimamura Music Techical Academy,

Tokyo, Japan

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...some more comments about my work:

Many thanks for the cooperation!


(autograph dedication on the book "The Rebirth of the Baroque Violin", 2011)

Fred J. Lindeman

Violin Maker, Amsterdam

The Nederlands

Avec un très bon souvenir et toute ma reconnaissance pour l'envoi de la publication de vos trauvant


(accompaniment card in a box of wine bottles, referred to "Splendore e decadenza dell'arte cordaia italiana")

Bernard Maillot

Président Savarez

Dear Daniela, thank you so much for your help with my gut string problem. Here are a few of my recordings which I thought you might find interesting. I hope to meet you in person some day.


(letter in a package of CDs)

Aisslinn Nosky

Violinist, Conductor


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