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Tokyo Lecture 2018

  • 4 hours of professional quality video live recording of my Lecture held at Academy Shimamura on the 11th of July 2018.

  • spoken in Italian and translated in Japanese 

    thanks to my host and translator Takumi Takakura

  • 3 hours of video in English

    a Zoom recording featuring the slide prepared for the lecture commented in Engish

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  • Historical Overview

    Why did Italian manufacturer have a monopolium on quality strings for the whole baroque and classical period? Where did this "highest level of perfection" came from?

  • Manufacturing process

    From old treatises and interviews to old string makers, an account on the whole historical process, in use from the 17th century up to the mid 20th

  • Vibrating String Lenght

    How to chose a correct string lenght when you are commisioned an instrument from an iconography or to be played at a specific pitch

  • Equal Feeling or Equal Tension?

    Analisys of this dispute which remains one of the hottest between musicians

  • String Tips

    How to understand if the strings on an instrument are the correct ones, or if something better could be done without acting on sondpost or bridge, just changing a string! Other practical tips and questions.

    It was a wonderful opportunity to have Daniela over here in Tokyo lecturing us. I was impressed by her lecture that was so meticulously prepared backed by her deep knowledge, rich experiences and most of all, her passion for this craft.

    Daniela’s first-hand knowledge in manufacturing fields as well as her extensive research experiences created a persuasive ensemble of technical data, stories and practical tips that lifted me steps higher in just a few hours.

    She is also a one-of-a-kind lecturer who goes extra miles to reach out to the audience to invite as many questions as possible to make sure everyone goes out of the room with clear minds, fully satisfied. Being a novice gut-string maker myself, I handed Daniela my home-made gut string and she gave me loads of useful insights beyond my expectation. With her trained eyes, just one piece of string will become a treasure chest of knowledge.

    Thank you Daniela, I can’t wait to have you back here in Asia.

    Kenji Yagi

    Parchment expert, lecturer and maker

    amateur String Maker

    Tokyo, Japan

    I have studied an article about the manufacturer of gut strings many years ago. Then I met Daniela in an online mastermind group about bowed instrument making and I realized that her knowledge about gut string is profound and her experiences are so rare and also essentially for all of us who love the bowed instruments. But still I didn't realize that she was the author of that beautiful article until she sent me her CV for preparing a workshop on Gut String.

    After we conducted 2018 Tokyo Gut String Workshop together, I'm convinced that working with Daniela is essential not only for musicians and luthiers who long to find a relevant historical performance but also for everybody who need a more colorful performance on steel and synthetic strings because studying with Daniela could lead us to a much profund understanding about the great artist in the past and thus change our attitude.

    Takumi Takakura

    Violin Maker

    Director at Takumi Violin Making School,  Hannou city (Saitama prefecture), 

    formerly Teacher at Shimamura Music Techical Academy, Tokyo


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