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I take very seriously my commitment to hosting Questions and Answers webinars with you. I myself was in a training group and we met by webinars, and this was one of the best things that happened to me. Meeting people from literally the other side of the world and grow together. It removed my fears and my prejudices, I was answered to questions I didn't yet imagine I would have to ask, and I found myself more energetic, open-minded, positive thinking: no need to say I moved to a higher level faster than I expected. This is what I want to offer to you.


The name of our group is Gut Strings Guru, because this is what we want to achieve: not to be stuck by a bad quality string, instead, we want to be able to choose the best strings for our instruments. So we won't throw away money in random tries, and we won't loose hours of practising and energies in finding our sound with the wrong strings. This brings us to the motto: NO FRUSTRATIONS, MORE VACATIONS!😀

...and, if you are a maker, you will be able to give life-changing suggestions to your customers. So they will be enthusiastic about their instrument and they will not complain about noises or problems due just to a superficial choice of strings. 


I ask you a little deposit as a confirmation to your interest in this project. I wish to properly welcome every new member and to ensure I can take good care of your needs. Then, after we got in touch and I know I can meet your expectations, I will write you to announce the date to come in for our first webinar meeting (and ask for the balance).


In the case at that moment you want to retire you will lose your deposit, in the case you are not accepted in the group I will refund it completely.


In the meantime, while waiting, you will enjoy the full Thank You Coffee level.

  • Q&A Webinars

    where you get detailed and researched answers to your doubts

  • Whatsapp group

    for Emergency Help and to schedule our meetings so that they are convenient for all the participants

  • All my 100+ videos

    organized by topic and easy to find

  • Blocked price

    No matter how much this will cost in the future, you will always pay the same amount you fix today, unless you unsubscribe.

    To be sure I can take care of everybody I am planning to raise the price of 15% every 8 applying people. So don't postpone too much, it is at your own risk!

  • Only Premium Subscribers: Archive of the past Q&A webinar sessions

    You can get so much from the other members' questions: when someone asks a question you didn't even had in mind it's an instant leverage to your education!

  • Only Premium Subscribers: Complete video of my Tokyo lecture

    It's 7 hours of videos on demand on: history of gut strings in Europe, historical manufacturng process, impact of the strings in instruments design. It's in Italian, Japanese and English and I sell it for 100 

  • Only Premium Subscribers: Leverage exposure by links to your work

    Below the testimonial that you will kindly release for me there will be space for the links to your website, facebook, instagram... so, people searching for well informed professionals will find you easily.


Don't loose your chance, become

a Gut Strings Guru.



The price could raise at any moment,

...but not for you!

It was a wonderful opportunity to have Daniela over here in Tokyo lecturing us. I was impressed by her lecture that was so meticulously prepared backed by her deep knowledge, rich experiences and most of all, her passion for this craft.

Daniela’s first-hand knowledge in manufacturing fields as well as her extensive research experiences created a persuasive ensemble of technical data, stories and practical tips that lifted me steps higher in just a few hours.

She is also a one-of-a-kind lecturer who goes extra miles to reach out to the audience to invite as many questions as possible to make sure everyone goes out of the room with clear minds, fully satisfied. Being a novice gut-string maker myself, I handed Daniela my home-made gut string and she gave me loads of useful insights beyond my expectation. With her trained eyes, just one piece of string will become a treasure chest of knowledge.

Thank you Daniela, I can’t wait to have you back here in Asia.

Kenji Yagi

Parchment expert, lecturer and maker

amateur String Maker

Tokyo, Japan

I have studied an article about the manufacturer of gut strings many years ago. Then I met Daniela in an online mastermind group about bowed instrument making and I realized that her knowledge about gut string is profound and her experiences are so rare and also essentially for all of us who love the bowed instruments. But still I didn't realize that she was the author of that beautiful article until she sent me her CV for preparing a workshop on Gut String.

After we conducted 2018 Tokyo Gut String Workshop together, I'm convinced that working with Daniela is essential not only for musicians and luthiers who long to find a relevant historical performance but also for everybody who need a more colorful performance on steel and synthetic strings because studying with Daniela could lead us to a much profund understanding about the great artist in the past and thus change our attitude.

Takumi Takakura

Violin Maker

Director at Takumi Violin Making School,  Hannou city (Saitama prefecture), 

formerly Teacher at Shimamura Music Techical Academy, Tokyo


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