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Sometimes playing your piccolo is a tough job.


The sound is harsh, out of tune, totally unpleasant.


It's, in one word, frustrating.


Thankfully, there's a solution that makes beautiful piccolo playing simple and easy!


All our staff of professional piccolists started out where you are. We spoiled many hours of practising, so many afternoons, before realising the answer. We wasted money, even asked for loans, to buy new and expensive instruments, before learning the secret to good sound and joyful playing:


The mechanism must be correctly registered. In fact it must be perfect!


It took years of trial and error, but in the end, we realised it's not a matter of money, but a matter of quality: good things working properly. Easy to say, but hard to find. Especially when you're on a budget, which is common for a good flute student, facing the professional world, having already spent a small fortune buying a top flute.

up to € 600

Synthetic - nichel/silver

up to € 1000

Wood - nichel/silver

up to € 1600

Synthetic - nichel/silver - made in USA

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Alessandro Visintini

Owner - Piccolist is an italian company founded by Alessandro Visintini, professional piccolist in Italy since more than 42 years. At we are all musicians and 3/4 of us are piccolists. We know what you are into!

We import instruments from USA (Gemainhardt) and China (Pretty and Mölten) and we test them in Italy personally one by one. Our mission is to provide piccolists with easy-to-play and beautiful sounding instruments.

We think it's too bad that many flutists can not appreciate piccolo because they have no access to good instruments.

With you will play piccolo with joy!

I am grateful for your scrupolousness and correctness,

nowadays are rare merchandise!

Roberto Di Giuseppe, customer

Our Team


Alessandro Visintini

professional piccolist and flutist in symphonic orchestra in Italy


Daniela Gaidano

violinist, string maker, marketer


Andrea Dainese

orchestra and chamber music flutist and piccolist, teacher,

maker of fine wooden flutes and headjoints


Annalisa Cuel

flutist, piccolist, professional technician offers you 14 days of withdrawal.
In the case you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can choose between a complete money refund or have it substituted with a different model you may like more. You need to ship it back, and after we check everything is in order and the same conditions as new, we will send you what agreed for. The return shipping is at customer's cost.
For any issue, please contact us to share the problem so that we can find a solution.


up to € 600

Synthetic - nichel/silver

up to € 1000

Wood - nichel/silver

up to € 1600

Synthetic - nichel/silver - made in USA

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